Pro or newbie – we can help you

No matter how skilled you are at video editing, VideoBurst can save you time and effort.

Create professional looking videos in a just a few minutes for commercials, tutorials, presentations, infographics and more. Just choose a template and add your text, pictures, video clips and select music from our large library. Our video template library is continuously growing and we can also customize and create a template based on your needs and your graphic profile.

Have a video? See how we can distribute it

Anyone can create a video, thanks to VideoBurst!

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise today. Online video is perfect for building brands and drive sales.

Until now video production has been expensive, hard and time consuming.
VideoBurst saw this problem and created a solution. We have made an online tool where you can create professional videos quick and easy.

When you have created your video you can publish in on Facebook, Instagram, your website, in newsletters and more. We can also offer you a great ad package on YouTube advertising.

How to make a video during your coffee break

Choose a stylish VideoBurst template

Add your video clips, images, texts and logo. Select music from our large library or add your own sound.

Publish! Your video is done and can be published anywhere you like.

Create, reach out and reach in

With VideoBurst you can create professional video and distribute it to your target audience on YouTube – all by one single contact.

1. Create
Making a personal and professional video is easy with VideoBurst. Choose from a wide selection of video templates and use your images and video clips, choose from our big library of licensed music and add your text to produce your video or commercial. We can also customize a unique template made especially for your business based on your needs and graphic profile.

2. Reach out and in
When your video is done we will help you use it to its fullest potential through YouTube advertising! Pitch your product, build your brand awareness and increase your sales by communicating your video to a target group based on location, time, interests etc. During your campaign we will take care of everything and optimize it as it runs.

3. Follow up
When your campaign is finished you will receive a follow-up report containing valuable KPI’s such as views, view rate, clicks and more.
We will guide you from start to finish and assure you a successful marketing experience. VideoBurst makes marketing on YouTube easy!

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