Be where your customers are

When your video is ready there is a variety of ways of communicating with your target audience. VideoBurst can help you in the jungle of potential ways to reach out to the market with great impact to your relevant target audience on YouTube, the worlds largest video community. Communicate your video or commercial to a target group based on location, time, interests etc. We will make it easy for you to produce your video and then we will distribute it on YouTube for you. This will increase your sales, drive traffic and build your brand.

Broadcasted television rates are plummeting and the viewers have moved on to online services on other platforms like laptops, tablets and smartphones.

How can we target?







Bob isn’t interested in your cat food.

Half of an video ad campaign is to have a video, the other half is to figure out how to distribute it. You don’t want to show your video to people who aren’t interested in your product or brand, they aren’t potential customers.

A great thing about YouTube marketing is that we can target your video to your target group. This way Bob won’t see your irrelevant cat food ad, instead we will show it to Ms. Nancy who just got her seventh cat. I think we both know who is more interested in that cat food.
Bob will instead see an YouTube ad about the Hammer 3000, which could help him build the tree house for his daughter.

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