What is VideoBurst?

Online video is one of the fastest growing media channels on the market today. Facebook prioritizes video in their users feeds and Google ranks video in their search results higher and higher. As a company you have to adjust your marketing and your strategy in order to reach your audience and build your brand.

Professional online video have been hard, time consuming and expensive to produce. But not anymore. Thanks to VideoBurst anyone can produce and publish great looking video in no time. With our online platform all you need is to select a video template that suits you, customize the video with your images, text and possible video clips and then publish your video anywhere you like. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

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Why and how can you use VideoBurst?

Be on YouTube

Market yourself effectively on the worlds largest video community

Increase conversion

Sell more and drive traffic

Boost your marketing

Online video is the most powerful marketing tool on the market

Internal communication

Inform and engage your team with video

Increase engagement

Get your customers more engaged in your brand

Build your brand

Enable the power of online video for your brand

What do we offer?

VideoBurst is an online platform that companies can use for creating professional online video is just minutes. No special skills are required. All you need is an internet connection to get started. We can also help you to boost your brand by creating an effective marketing campaign on YouTube.

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or let us create a tailored one for you!

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How does VideoBurst work?

VideoBursts online tool is really straight forward. You log in and choose a template from our large and continuously growing template library. We have templates for right about every situation. To show off your pizza menu, promote your online service or just to send a fun video from last weeks kick off with your company.
When you have chosen a template you like you simply click “create” and start to customize the video as you see fit. You can change colors to match your graphic profile, you can upload your own videos clips and images and add a relevant message.
When you are done you simply create your video. When you are happy with your video, publish it and use it in newsletters, on Facebook, on Instagram, on your webpage, download it to your computer or let us create a campaign for you on YouTube.

Create and share your professional video in 3 easy steps.

Choose template

Select from hundreds of different smashing template designs or order a custom made one to suit your specific needs.

Create your video

Upload your logo, photos, possible video clips and add your message plus a call-to-action.


Share your video on FaceBook, Instagram, your webpage, in your email communication or YouTube and more.

Examples of customized & public video templates

Elgiganten product ad

Elgiganten product ad

Customer engagement

Customer engagement

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

Business presentation

Business presentation

Public Template

Public Template

YouTube ad – User generated

YouTube ad – User generated

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